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ACO Club Topics for 2019

ACO Club Projects
Co-Creators Action Club

The 2019 Topics for Discussion in our ACO Club Pokémon Go series and our SPJ Journalists series of playing cards are now out for discussion.

ACO Club Projects
Co-Creators Action Club

We welcome all our new members who want to participate in our worldwide discoveries of our trainers in all areas of the world.

Pokémon GO has taken on a whole new way of sharing and we are amping up our teams in Pensacola at Palafox and our Gulf Breeze and Navarre with Milton all meeting in various parks around the FLorida panhandle.

We share now our Blue, Yellow teams and are welcoming in the Red Teams and the other one we have not discovered a name for yet!

So, read your NEWS and we will share what we build. We have experienced great community days and had a wonderful time here in the panhandle of Florida with our Community Weekend.

Also, we will be sharing our writing skills on the following topics:


Morphogenetic Grid, Mythology, New Age, Particle Physics, Quantum Physics, Religion & Spiritual Practice, Science, Suppressed Technology, Time Travel, Transhumanism/Futurism, UFOs/Interdimensional/Breakaway Civilization, Pokémon Go Teams and Communities, Meet-Up Groups,

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